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Cross Lock Scaffolding

The cross lock scaffolding is used in shuttering support and also in suspended systems. Cross Lock scaffold is one of the more contemporary systems. Unlike other scaffolding types, this one is a non-generic scaffolding system.


Based on safety, quality, and adaptability, this type of scaffolding is lighter and has fewer components than other systems. The system is recommended to carry more weight load, making it into one of the more durable systems.

System Information

Cross-Lock scaffold system is a simple multi-function shoring system. lt is widely used as the support system for formwork in construction projects.


The system consists of Tabular Standard vertical with collars of cross-lock plate, and Tabular horizontal with ledger ends.

The Advantage

  • Vertical Standard tested ultimate work load of 70 kN (per leg)

  • Heavy duty and durable

  • Flexibility, vertical standards & horizontal ledgers are available in variety of lengths

  • Easy to handle minimal space required for storage & transportation


Technical Information

Cross Lock ( Standards )


Cross Lock ( Ledgers )


U-Head Jack

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