As a manufacturer and supplier of Formwork Systems, we understand that contractors need systems that save labor time, ensure safety on site and deliver excellent results.

Our wide range of products allows you to choose the most cost-effective and efficient solution. Whether you need a lightweight system for small residential projects with limited crane capacity or require heavy duty systems for the construction of massive bridges, dams and power plants - we have the solution.

System Information

Formwork provides a temporary "shell" to freshly poured concrete, allowing it to cure until it can support itself.


More often than not, the labor hours - setting up the forms - are the mostly costly part of a concrete project.


That's why Guangzhou SM Scaffolding systems are among the most labor efficient systems in the world, while at the same time ensuring maximum flexibility and the highest quality concrete finishes.

Technical Information

Flat Formwork

Inner Corner Form

Outer Corner Form

Angle Corner Form

Shuttering Panel


U-Head Jack

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