Planks & Ladders

Steel and Aluminium Planks from Guangzhou SM Scaffolding are the walk boards used for work and moving inside the scaffolding platform. Perforated to ensure an anti-slippery and safe use, they are the best option for your scaffolding working platform.

Steel Ladders allows you to work at any height to get the job done.

System Information

Steel planks are commonly used for industrial walkways and access platforms, oil refineries, Cement plant, chemical plant, paper mill, Power plants, civil construction.

We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of different types of Scaffolding Walkway Planks, Steel planks such as, Aluminium decks with hatch and ladders, Steel planks with fix hook heavy duty, Steel planks without hook etc.


Made with galvanized steel or Aluminium and conforms to the international manufacturing standards. They are used on scaffolds as walkways providing very strong support during usage. They are easily shifted from one level to another during construction.


They can also be customized to the customer requirements.

Technical Information

Aluminum Plywood Deck with ladder 

Steel Plank With Hooks

Steel Plank Without Hooks

Steel Plank With Hooks

Steel Mesh Ladder

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