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What Causes Scaffolding Collapses at Construction Sites?


Scaffolding is an integral part of many construction sites, elevating workers and materials during construction, maintenance, or repair projects. Unfortunately, when these structures fail, workers can sustain extremely serious injuries, including some that can result in permanent disabilities and long-term medical complications.


Scaffolding Collapse Accidents Can Occur for a Number of Reasons


Scaffolding can take many different forms, and individual scaffolds can vary significantly in sophistication and durability. They tend to be temporary structures that constriction companies build very quickly for a specific purpose. Unfortunately, this fact means that they are often built without sufficient planning and care, putting the individuals who work on them and bystanders at significant risk of injury.


When scaffolding collapses, both workers bystanders can be seriously injured. Here are some of the most common causes of scaffolding collapses:


#1 Poorly constructed scaffolding

#2 Scaffolding built with substandard or defective parts or materials

#3 Overloaded scaffolding platforms

#4 Poor or non-existent scaffolding maintenance

#5 Vehicle or equipment collisions with scaffolding support beams

#6 Noncompliance with scaffolding using regulations



Scaffolding Collapse Accidents Can Cause Extremely Serious Injuries


When scaffolding collapses, anyone on it will almost certainly fall a significant distance, potentially resulting in extremely serious injuries. In addition, the scaffolding materials and any equipment on the scaffolding can cause severe harm to anyone below it. Some of the more serious injuries that people sustain in scaffolding collapse accidents include the following:


#1 Broken Bones

#2 Traumatic brain injuries

#3 Severe lacerations

#4 Accidental amputations

#5 Facial fractures

#6 Concussions

#7 Spinal cord injuries

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